Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Yoga Teacher Training


Summary: The following article has shared a few basic qualities that one must look for while enrolling for a yoga teacher training course.

Yoga teacher training is essential for all those who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga, become a yoga teacher or enhance their self-practice. It educates you about the philosophies of yoga, the anatomy involved, new poses, asanas or exercises etc. Moreover, if you choose yoga teacher training in India you learn authentic and traditional yoga from experienced yoga instructors. Since yoga teacher training has so much to offer you must be vigilant while choosing the right course for yourself.

The apt yoga teacher training course will be certified by Yoga Alliance, has knowledgeable and professional yoga instructors, is cost-effective, etc. But these are not enough to inspect whether the course is beneficial for you or not. Here, in this article we have briefed a few qualities necessary for yoga teacher training course:

Different styles of yoga: Most of the yoga schools that offer yoga teacher training courses have a selective curriculum. They follow only the popular forms of yoga which include Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga or may be Ashtanga yoga. You may choose from any of the specific ones and enrol for the course. But if you wish to learn yoga the traditional way you must go for the yoga schools that offer different styles of yoga. Yoga teacher training in India doesn’t follow any popular or specific form; instead, it educates you about all other forms and then, lets you choose your specialization.

Accomplished yoga instructors: While choosing the right yoga teacher training, you must look for the list of accomplished yoga instructors. Make sure they have yoga instructors with teaching experience and not yoga practitioners. The difference between the two is that a yoga instructor is a yoga practitioner and a teacher as well, but it isn’t necessary that a yoga practitioner can be a yoga instructor. In order to be a yoga instructor, you must be a certified yoga teacher with experience in teaching yoga.

Schedule to be followed during the course: The first thing that you are taught after enrolling for yoga teacher training course is to be disciplined about your schedule. This is why all yoga schools follow a schedule of 6-8 hours a day during the course. This schedule includes timings of your training, self-practice, curriculum to be taught, with proper timings for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks etc. Some yoga schools also offer Ayurveda courses, cooking classes, etc. Make sure you choose the course on the basis of diversity in schedule rather than just intense practice.

Profitable as per the price: You must analyze the course once you have finalized it. It is important to check that the course you have chosen is profitable for your pocket or not. Most yoga schools offer food and accommodation along with the course but then, they tend to charge extra in other ways. Therefore, while choosing the course do not forget to compare the rate list of other yoga schools in the market. Comparing the rates will open your options for the best service at a profitable price.

Class size of the course: Another important aspect while choosing the right yoga teacher training course is the class size. If a class has 40+ participants, it is challenging for the yoga instructor to offer personalized assistance to each participant. This degrades the quality of the class. The average class size should be 30-35 participants. A limited number of participants allow the instructor to assist each participant personally and guide them as per their body’s requirement.

These qualities are the basic requirement of every yoga teacher training course. Hence, most of the yoga teacher training in India follows these basic rules to achieve better results in their course. In India, you may plan for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Kerala, Jaipur, Delhi etc.

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