What To Expect From The Top Golf Schools


The top golf schools in America all share the common goal of providing the ultimate golfing experience in addition to educating the golfing public. The professional guidance given at these schools is taught by the nation’s best instructors in the golf industry. Instructors that have worked with several of the professional golf athletes that were currently competing on the PGA Tour. These instructors take pride in possessing the knowledge needed for any student to improve his golfing skills.

The Golf Digest School is known as one of original golf schools with over forty years of service. The school employs PGA and LPGA instructors with great experience The instructors that are allowed to teach at this school are required to participate in and complete an extensive training program before becoming certified. The classes held here are designed to hold only three to four students to provide a more hands on experience while learning the sport.

There are schools that offer a more singular teaching experience, giving the instructor a one on one approach to teaching. This is the approach of the Butch Harmon School of Golf, though there conduct classes that allow more than one student. The main focus of this school is to offer a complete understanding of the entire game of golf itself and then applying that understanding to the uniqueness of each student’s technique. The Founder, Butch Harmon, comes from a family of renowned golf instructors. He, formerly worked with worldwide gold superstar, Tiger Woods.

The academic standpoint of each school differs drastically. Some of the top golf schools incorporate a scientific method to the golf swing as a part of their teaching techniques. Some other schools use the latest in technology as a learning method instead of the traditional methods formally used such as the driving range.

Most leading golf schools use computer swing analysis as a part of their course instruction leading schools. The instructors are PGA and LPGA veterans that allow each student to learn at their own pace. All school provides the convenience of one on one learning as well, usually at a premium. A unique method of teaching the golf fundamentals is conducted by Nationwide Golf Schools. While most traditional instruction is taught from the ” tee in”, instruction starts from the “green out.” Nationwide’s method has the students approach the fundamentals in small easy to understand movements such as the 40 yard pitch shot, as opposed to the full iron, or driver stroke. As the student moves outward from the green in his instruction , he is introduced to the series of fundamental moves which eventually culminate with a driver in the student’s hands. A better sense of feel and integration of physical and touch are a result of this technique.

When deciding to attend one of the many golf schools available, it is important to find a school with the particular interest of the individual golf student. Though each school may cover the basics, each school also has their own individual teaching techniques that may be more appealing to one student than any other. The most popular schools have an amazing history and have been around for decades. Many of the golf schools are set up as golf resorts with several different locations found throughout the country. The resorts that are available have packages that include accommodations for up to three days for the golfing student and a guest. There are schools that have coaching sessions or classes that do not require the student to attend for more than just a few hours.

Just as there is no substitute for quality golf lessons, there is no substitute for 2-3 days at one of the best golf schools.

Bruce Baird is regarded as one of America’s finest golf teaching professionals, and his golf instruction schools present 2-3 day programs of golf instruction for all skill levels, with four students or fewer. There are schools in various locations available, see http://www.weteachgolf.com

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